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Artist: 7TH REIGN | Location: AMERICA NORTH: Canada:Ontario | Web Site: http://7threign.com
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Members: Brian Soulard ; Marios Panayiotis ; Adrian Robichaud ; Niall Mellors
About: About 7th REIGN The band 7 th REIGN was formed in January 2005 by Marios Panayiotis and Brian Soulard. (ex- EIDOLON vocalist) They started off with one goal, to form the kind of band that they would want to hear and see live. They were not worried about current trends or past influences but instead concentrated on creating good music that would cross many themes and styles but was built on the best form of musicMETAL!! Marios and Brian were introduced in April 2004 by MEGADETH/EIDOLON guitarist Glen Drover. Glen knew that the two were exactly what the other was searching for. It took another eight months for them to figure it out!! Once they decided that they were destined to play together they started to form the early foundation of 7 th REIGN. After writing and recording for six months they realized it was time to finish the forming of 7 th REIGN. By September of 2005 they had found the pieces of the puzzle that they needed. Drummer Niall Mellors and bass player Dave Davidson (Fuz z) completed the band. Over the next four months they rehearsed new songs and refined existing ones. In January of 2006, they played their debut gig at the Opera House in Toronto to a packed house in support of Finnish Metal band SONATA ARCTICA. The overwhelming response from the Metal crowd confirmed that the band was on the right track. Although 7 th REIGN was excited to start playing live they knew that it was also time to start focusing all of their attention on recording their debut album. During this process Fuz z informed the band that he was on the move and needed to leave the band. Although they were saddened at the news of his departure they were excited to welcome new band member Adrian Robichaud (EIDOLON). Brian and Adrian had played together on four albums and the band knew that the addition of Adrian would bring them to a whole new level of technical skill and professionalism. 7 th REIGN is a POWER METAL band that has a great amount of technical ability and a theatrical sound. Their self-titled debut album is filled with fast double bass, shredding guitar solos, soaring vocal lines and passionate lyrics. It is available now through www.7threign.com With another full album in demo format and a wealth of ideas already being worked on, 7 th REIGN promises to be a force within the METAL community for a long time to come!!!
Songs From 7TH REIGN
Dark Of The Sun   Rate This Song! 05:00
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