Hailing from Dallas, TX the heavy metal outfit ASKA began its quest in 1991 with the release of their first CD self titled ASKA. This foursome featured George Call on vocals and guitar, Darren Knapp-guitar and vocals, Keith Knight-bass and vocals and Damon Call on the drums. ASKA toured a several international tours around the globe and then wound up in the studio to record their next disk Immortal in 1994. ASKA toured extensively again around the globe to promote this disk making a multitude of fans along the way. In 1997 ASKA released its third disk Nine Tongues. Once again more touring and gaining more fans. Utilizing the popularity movement of the Internet, ASKA hit up the heavy metal underground press, who took a liking to the new disk put ASKA on the map. The songs Leprosy and Blood of the Wolf were on regular rotation and Hard and other metal stations around the world. Between tour legs, ASKA saw its first lineup change; Damon Call had left the band for personal reasons. ASKA hired Jason Sweatt for the drum position. They continued with the tour and then went into the studio to record their latest disk Avenger. The heavy metal press everywhere hailed this disk. The band toured pretty heavy for Avenger, which led to the loss of its next member guitarist Darren Knapp. He was quickly replaced by his guitar tech Daryl Norton, who finished out the tours for Avenger. Steelheart Records in Europe released Avenger May 17th 2002 as an import. It comes in a digipack packaging with two bonus videos. Currently ASKA is finishing up their fifth album with a due date probably mid to late 2006. To get to know more about the band or purchase CDs, swing by the ASKA website at:

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Crown of Thorns [ 05:22 ]
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genreHeavy Metal albumAvenger label creditsLyrics and music: G. Call
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