The concept and first Abandone songs were conceived 1998 in Charlotte, NC creating a unique brand of Heavy Psycho-delic Rock & Roll.The 2000 NightBreed release was followed by the self titled Abandone CD in 2002.After other projects, the Rock & Roll Nightmare CD came out in 2008.Forever Embraced and Bleeding For You are the singles.These albums were remastered and re-released in Feb 2012.The Forever Nevermore album came out June 2012 and features the single Sweet Misery.In the fall of 2013 the Blackbeard's Revenge single was followed by the free compilations, Conspiracy A-Go-Go & the Maggots (2014) soundtrack.Both were released on Bandcamp.Subscribe to the email list for exclusive downloads at Facebook & ReverbNation or visit the website at abandone.wix.com/abandone Abandone
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Maggots (2014) promotional soundtrack
posted by: Mikehell posted: 12/11/13 10:36:56
24 metal/punk acts including Don't Go Into Those Mountains by Abandone from the Maggots soundtrack for the film directed by Neil Meschino out soon.Stream and download any digital format free at:    http://horror-punkscom.bandcamp.com/album/maggots2014-promotional-album                                                                           Also directed MOLD (2012) Both films are available on IMDB.com    Both official fan pages are available on Facebook.

Free psychedelic/garage/punk compilation Conspiracy A-Go-Go
posted by: Mikehell posted: 10/15/13 17:20:53
Stream and download the free psychedelic/garage/punk compilation Conspiracy A-Go-Go 50 Years After The JFK Assassination Conspiracy with 26 bands, lyrics and liner notes including The Smoking Gun by Abandone out now on Bandcamp in any digital format.Stop by the Abandone store at https://abandone.bandcamp.com/

Connect to Abandone on the new Myspace
posted by: Mikehell posted: 02/03/13 12:46:06
Connect for new photos and music.Check out the new Myspace exclusive Under Her Spell from the latest album or discover other punk, rock and metal mixes.Log in and copy then paste the address into your browser or sign in at https://new.myspace.com/abandone

Halloween playlist!
posted by: Mikehell posted: 10/28/12 20:51:24
Happy Halloween!Stop in to stream the perfect Halloween playlist from Abandone and similar artists on Jango.com at http://www.jango.com/music/Abandone A great mix of Horror Punk Rock & Metal tunes to choose from.Party on.

New songs and radio links are posted now!
posted by: Mikehell posted: 08/10/12 20:41:19
Check out new tunes and internet radio links.Visit Abandone at Myspace, Facebook or ReverbNation for news,mailing list and more.

Sweet Misery peaked 1st on the music charts for June at HardAxe.
posted by: Mikehell posted: 06/28/12 09:16:50
Check out the single from the new Forever Nevermore album by Abandone which came out June 20th.Look for more songs up soon!

#1 in the ReberbNation Punk charts for Charlotte NC.
posted by: Mikehell posted: 03/05/12 16:32:18
Abandone was ranked #1 in the ReverbNation Punk charts for Charlotte, NC.Thanks for your support.Stream the remastered albums free in the Official Abandone Store at www.reverbnation.com/abandone New CD out this year!

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