Heavy guitar riffs, emotional, pompous and dark keyboard parts, catchy melodies, unique vocals and dramatic guitarsolos. Those are Adolpha's trademarks. Adolpha (noble shewolf) Was formed in 2004 by Annika Kainulainen (vocals) and Sami Rönkkö (guitars), in a small city called Iisalmi, Finland. Sauli Lämsä (keys) joined the band later at the same year. At that time Adolpha still had their former drummer and bass player. At first Adolpha was a coverband, playing different metal coversongs you can think of. But after 2 years of coverplaying, members eventually got bored just playing others bands music. They wanted to 'Unleash Their Inner Beast' and create something of their own, something heavy, emotional, melodic metal in dark vein... The Adolpha was born. Sami Rönkkö started writing first demosongs in January 2006. During the songwriting rocess, bandmembers came and went. The bassplayer and drummer had their other interests, so they unfortunately left the band. They didn't have the same passion for music, like Sami, Annika and Sauli had. Luckily this wasn't the end of Adolpha's story. Sauli Lämsä is also an awesom drummer and Sami Rönkkö can play also bass. So the 'Darkness Within'- demo was recorded in a group of three. All 4 demosongs were ready in August and after arranging them, recordings started in September. After many difficulties, delays and setbacks, recordings were finally over in December 2006. After that Sami Rönkkö contacted Janne Tolsa, ( a keyboard master from TAROT and ETERNAL TEARS OF SORROW and TURMION KÄTILÖT) about the mastering process. Luckily Janne was kind enough and had the time before upcoming 'Crows Over Germany'- Tarot tour, and the Adolpha's 'Darkness Within'- demo was mastered by him at NoteOn studio in Kuopio. The future seems quite bright for Adolpha, The band is writing new songs like hell, a bit heavier and darker stuff but in Adolpha style. Adolpha now has over 2200 FANS from all over the world. The band can't really confirm any gigdates yet, cause of the temporary deficit of their lineup, allthough band has got gig invitations from all over the world, For ex.: Germany, France, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Norway, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, UK... You name it. When the lineup is filled, band will start playing gigs as hell and also a musicvideo is planned to make sometime in Fall..

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