Bluebeard was originally formed by Barry Leech, Vincent Bitetti, Vincent Thomas-Penny, Gayle Hart and Danny Bogan. In January of 2004 Barry Leech took his own life and from that tragedy, the remaining four original members decided that the music should live on - not in spirit - but in reality. Producer Barry Fasman was recruited for keyboards and Elington Erin (from San Gabriel Valley's Siddhartha) for frontman and lead vocal duties. We even enlisted long-time friend and associate, Gene ''Doc'' Snyder to write some poignant lyrics for a few new songs, Guitarist Brian Barnum from Barry Leech's solo project. Our music has been described as hard rock, pomp rock (Europe) and classic rock. In essence, we play Original Classic Rock - the music has a late '70's vibe but also has many '80's, '90's and contemporary rock textures and influences.

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In the Streets of L.A. [ 03:39 ]
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