Chaos Asylum
Chaos Asylum started life as a studio project between guitarist Guy Laverick and vocalist Martin McManus in 2007. The Goal? - To write and record some face-melting heavy metal music!!!! Based in the North-East of England, Guy (also a member of heavy metal band Blitzkrieg) had heard about Martin turning heads on the local music scene with his immense vocal range and lavish showmanship while with his band Hellsation and then Judas Beast. When they finally met (down the pub, naturally) they hit it off both musically and personally and it wasn't long before they were in the studio, where they wrote "Breakdown" on the spot. More songs followed and a demo EP was recorded. At this stage, Martin handled all of the vocals and backing vocals himself. Guy handled all guitar, bass, drums, and keyboards and also handled all production duties on the project.

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Kill or be Killed [ 04:33 ]
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genreMetal albumInto the Black label creditsLaverick, Mcmanus
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