Chokeslam is a Rebel Metal Band from Rock City, TN. Expect in your face, down your throat stomping tunes from within our souls and high-energy, professional live shows. Extra Tasty Spinecracking Guitar, Double- Bass Power Grooves, Thunderous Running Bass, and Tonsil- Shredding Vocals set Chokeslam above the rest. Chokeslam has been recognized as Chattanooga's Best Metal Band in 2003, 2004, and 2005 by their fans at the CIA Music Awards. Lineup: Troy Gray on Vocals, El Jefe' on Guitar, Tim Gray on Drums, and Smiley on Bass. Demographic: Chokeslam's audience is mainly made up of both male and female fans ages 13-50. If your tastes in music include Black Sabbath, AC/DC, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Label Society, Metallica, Classic Rock, and Heavy Metal you will love Chokeslam. Discography: CHOKESLAM- THE KILLER (1997) - Rox Hard Records CHOKESLAM- SELF-TITLED DEBUT (2001) - Rox Hard Records CHOKESLAM- HILLBILLY (2005) - Rox Hard Records Videography: CSDVD (2007) - Cold Throat Music Chokeslam has over 15 years of footage documented on videotape. References: Dave Weinthal- Enigma Magazine- (423) 267-6072, Fax- (423) 265-0120 Jim Stryker- The Bay, Buck Wild- Chattanooga, TN (423) 756-1919 Jon Philips- Digital Video Minds- (423) 503-1316 Chris Braly- CIA Music- (423) 296-9903, Press: CHOKESLAM- Best Metal Band- 2003-2004-2005 CIA Music Awards-CHOKESLAM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chokeslam:s/t- Self-proclaimed as "Rebel Metal," these guys blend death and hardcore like Propain meets Oppressor. Short Stacks- Metal Maniacs Magazine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chokeslam is a rocking metal band with a lead vocalist like Lemmy from Motorhead. Great arrangements and melodies with gritty, nasty rock vocals. Reminds me of Metallica before they became wusses. There is always a groove, guitar pick squeals, hard distortion and 100% rock. Headbang to these guys now before they get on Fuse with Juliya and they play Ozzfest. Review by Drumdocz- Sonicbids -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chokeslam Hillbilly (Rox Hard Records) Rating: 3.5 out of 5 For the most part, Chokeslam is a pretty definitive band name. If you have to label them, call them modern heavy metal...without the radio sound. On Hillbilly, their sophomore album, the band has evolvedboth lyrically and musicallysince their 2001 self-titled debut. Like the seasoned vets they are, they just keep getting better and rocking harder. This bone-jarring record begins with the hard-hitting title tracka blunt and to-the-point metal song about being a country boy. Roll On You (Brainscar) uses more than a few riffs to thump your eardrums. Hillbilly also features a cover of Charlie Daniels The Legend of Wooley Swamp on steroids. Rounding out the album is Cigarette Pack, a deliciously heavy song that I grew to like at Chokeslam shows before this disc was released, and loved even more after hearing it recorded. CD Review by Eric Turner- Pulse magazine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chokeslam is proudly sponsored by Jagermeister! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The music world has been needing this for awhile. Chokeslam brings forth some great groove, thrash-style metal on this release. Not a generic offspring like so many others but a fresh batch of metal. An excellent live band with scream-style and growling vocals. Voted Best Heavy Metal Act at the 2003 CIA Music Awards, Chokeslam also performed at Milwaukee Metalfest XVI. The disc has all you need to rock out - heavy guitars, powerful drums and best at full volume.I have no favorites because all the songs are so damn good. I will say that the first track, The Reaper Man, has a great slow groove intro that sets the mood for the up tempo smack-in-the-face you get about one minute into the song. And Moten Gator, along with the last track, CS420, are quite infectious. This is a must-own for metal fans. Chug beer and display the sign proudly. Bobby - Boggob magazine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These guys land on the hard side of the nu metal scene. As they state in their press materials, they have been compared to the likes of Mudvayne and Slipknot and I think there's a reason for that. Infecting grooves, growling vocals, enough forward drive to overdose a mosh pit and you are chokeslammed. Chokeslam could so easily be the opening act for Mudvayne and the like. They would fit right in. They've got the talent, the love for the music, the ability to crank out crunchy grooves and catchy percussion. The vocalist will lead you into his rage and surprise you with some versatility. In at least one spot he adds, dare I say it, almost a slightest little tad of musicalness to his cough drop vocals. At any rate, this metal act reaches out to the aggressor while maintaining accessibility. Good job. CD Review by Upchuck Undergrind- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have to tell you. I got my money's worth on this one. These guys have the raw energy that makes a great band and the technical skills to back it up. Props to the boys on a great effort. 5 f'ing stars to ya! -Customer review from Lucky 13. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chokeslam The name says it all. Theyre about as heavy as it gets! (This is not your Daddys rock n roll). Riverbend Festival-2004 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Playing what they call "rebel metal," the band puts on a full furious assault on their audience, taking no prisoners. -Dave Weinthal from Enigma magazine -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chokeslam tend to strike quick. Generally, a short intro will lead into Gray's intense screaming. The first few tracks ("The Reaper Man", "Bluh", and "FRVP") are the best. -Brett VanPut from Transcending the Mundane -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Reaper Man" by CHOKESLAM appears on the Oasis Alternative radio promotional CD. Volume 19- Disc 2- Track 3 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "The Reaper Man" was among the top 16 scoring songs during the week of 12/11/2001.- Make a Star Industry Review Board -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Honors: Best Heavy Metal Band - 2003, 2004, 2005 CIA Music Awards Best Guitarist - Jeff Campbell- 2006 CIA Awards Best Local Single Nominee- "Hillbilly"- 2005 CIA Awards Best Live Act Nominee - 2003, 2004 CIA Music Awards Best New Artist Nominee- 2002 CIA Music Awards Best Drummer Nominee- Tim Gray- 2003, 2004, 2005 CIA Awards Best Guitarist Nominee- Jeff Campbell- 2003, 2004, 2005 CIA Awards Best Vocalist Nominee- Troy Gray- 2004, 2005 CIA Awards Performing Artist - 2002, 2003, 2004 CIA Music Awards Enigma magazine - Cover and Interview - March 21, 2002 Metro Mania magazine - Full Page Bio - April 2001 Metro Mania magazine - CD Review - May 2001 Performing Artist- Milwaukee Metalfest XVI Performing Artist- Riverbend 2004 TalkRadio 102.3 FM- Backstage Chattanooga- Featured Guest and Performer WAWL 91.5Fm- "The Battle" Chokeslam - winner for four weeks Performances: Chokeslam has shared the stage with national acts including Beautiful Creatures and Milwaukee Metalfest with such acts as Absynth, Arch Enemy, Brick Bath, Tad Morose, Hate Eternal, and Nile just to name a few. Chokeslam has performed in several venues throughout the Southeast and America including US Cellular Arena, Masquerade, Ziggys, Aces and Eights, and The Nick. For booking information contact management at: POSSEMARSHAL@COMCAST.NET or (423) 488- 1815 WWW.CHOKESLAM.BIZ 2003- 2006 Rox Hard Records

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