Civilization One
CIVILIZATION ONE was launched in 2006 by singer Chitral “Chity” Somapala (David Shankle Group, Red Circuit, Ex-Avalon, Firewind and Faro) and guitarist Aldo Lanobile (Secret Sphere). In the beginning the band was made up of international musicians from various countries such as Sri Lanka , Italy, France and Brazil.The self produced debut album “Revolution Rising” was recorded in studios in France, Italy and Germany and mixed and mastered by Markus Teske (Vanden Plas, Mob Rules, Dominici, Symphony X and Red Circuit) in the Bazement Studios in Germany. Chity and Aldo were looking for a band which combines hard and aggressive Riffs and the sensitivity of classical music with memorable(catchy)vocals and choruses as achieved(performed) by the classical Heavy Metal bands.Because the vast distances and other obstacles between the original band members (to which drummer Luca Cartasegna (Ex-Secret Sphere) and keyboarder Jesper Stotz belonged) made it impossible to play live. By the end of 2007 the line up of Civilization One began to change!Only two of the original members Chity and bassplayer Pierre-Emmanuel Pélisson (Maladaptive, Ex-Heavenly) whos trademark is his aggressive bass playing remaind. Late autumn the talented guitarist Christian Münzer (Majesty, Ex-Necrophagist) joined the band as the lead guitarist. Shortly Björn Daigger (Majesty, R:I:P) as the second guitarist. It took slightly longer to find a drummer. Beginning of 2008 the new and adequate band member Holger “Holly” Rodammer (Ex- Ancient Ceremony, Ex-Hellmasters) was announced as the new drummer.During the process of the changes in the line-up the band got the attention of the presenters and the first bookings for the first festivals in 2008 were placed due to the overwhalming response of the media regarding the PogPower UK Pre-Party 2007. Now the Metal World may look forward to the dynamic stage performance of the debut album “Revolution Rising” as the Heavy Metal of this album with its neoclassical influences and symphonic aggression has already enthused many editors and music lovers. 

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genreMetal albumdefault labelMetal Heaven (Europe) , Spiritual Beast (Japan) creditsCivilization One "Revolution Rising"
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