Delta Elemental
For those of you who havnt heard of us before hello newcomers this is Delta Elemental we are a brand new Gothic/Metal band from the south coast of the UK. Our sound is unique with our heavy and powerful guitar drums and bass fused with orchestral classical music and classical female vocals, an odd mix. If your thinking its like many other bands e.g. Nightwish, think again this is completley new music and everysong sound's unique please take time tolisten at Band Members Original band Members and creators of Dreams Steve Walker- Guitars & Composer Steve is 24 and lives happily in Portsmouth with his pet Helen of Doom, living together in a flat. Steve works full time in 3 jobs! 2 in pubs where he abuses the locals and the other a guitar tutor where he teaches people of all ages to play. When hes not working hes either drinking Larger, eating a kebab and most likely sat by his PC with a cup of tea, a guitar on his lap writing the music we all love. He has already written 2 instrumental albums under the name Steve walker creations and has been writing now for over 8 years. He has a degree in Music which he obtained at age 19 and has been playing now for 14 years. He loves all things Metal, hes a huge Metallica fan, counts down to download day by day and he really smells like edam! (Dirty Musician) Helen of Doom-Vocals & Lyrics Helen is 18 and lives with edam scented Steve in their flat in Portsmouth Helen works full time answering telephones taking abuse from the British public (who like things a bit crap so they can complain about it) Helen has just finished an education in Performing Arts and has trained in classical, jazz, blues rock and pop vocal training now for 5 years. She is always looking to improve her voice as much as she can when she relaxing at home. You will often find Helen in dark bazaar pubs/clubs very drunk with either a glass of wine or vodka in her hand. She loves metal and all that old stuff as well as her Mozart etc. Her favourite bands are Lacuna Coil and Nightwish eating Humus and playing Tomb Raider. New Band Members- Coming soon to join our southern UK tour Andy- The keyboardist. He loves harribo and is a worms genius a grade 7 on piano and even better at keyboards. Terri- The Bassist. She loves cola and sweets but shes hard core and always makes the band chuckle heartedly. Katrina- The Drummer. She loves all things Gothic and can double bass any man out of a job this girl is real metal! She is a big gamer and loves nothing more than sitting by either her pc or ps2 and indulging in some good old fashioned beat-em-ups. A big writer, she is often found writing stories, or as she calls them - 'novels of the miniture kind' but often leaves them unfinished. If she's not wasting her life away on msn or her ps2, she is doing something constructive with it and drumming, which she has been doing for 4 years. After 3 months of using a single pedal, she moved onto double at 12 years old and has never turned back since. Our music collection so far 1Vortex Spectacular 2Darkest of Caves 3Clense 4Fallen Child 5The Wait 6Lake of Dreams 7Circuits of Time Biography Delta Elemental was born in 2005, it started off as a little bit of fun between lovers, a way to relax together by covering other songs from fantastic bands. This worked for a while but after 4 covers they became bored and felt unchallenged and this lead to the begging of The Wait, the first song Delta Elemental ever produced. It was a long and exciting process for Steve and Helen of Doom especially as the Wait is one of the most epic and longest track on the entire Album to date. The Wait is about Mother Earth and how we all have treated her and continue to treat her in our everyday lives. After The Wait more songs began to pour out getting faster and heavier Darkest of Caves was to come next, this one heavier and nothing like The Wait then came cleanse with Steve on vocals very heavy and very personal to both Steve and Helen. Fallen Child a real fast paced kick and one of the heaviest to date came next the heavy base and crazy guitar mixed with the fast paced and sometimes slow paced high vocals worked a treat and remains our biggest success. Then came a huge jump back form the heaviness with the lovely Lake of Dreams a completely new sound with only guitar, keyboard and vocals it really does take you off into a Dream world, the lake of dreams. Again as a contrast to that we then went 'spooky' with Fate of Mankind a very odd song that can scare you when you reach the middle section due to the build up in the music and screaming Im sorry to a child-like voice singing the chorus 'I will haunt you until your dying day' this is enough to bring a lump to your throat! They are writing more week by week with 3 more songs currently in progress now ready to complete the forthcoming debut album Dreams. In June 2006 the other members in the band were added top Delta Elemental auditioned without their knowing they were stolen from their everyday lives to join this journey, a little confused at first because of our different sound but now they are in love with what they do and the new world it seems to create around them. They are now heavily in rehearsal with Steve and Helen learning and even changing some of the parts to make our sound even more exciting. They will be joining us with our coming tour of the entire south coast (near our beds), creating the next album and onwards. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2006 All Rights Reserved. Thanks for visiting.

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genreSymphonic Rock albumDreams labelSC creditswritten by steven walker lyrics by Helen of doom
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