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Domesticide started in the Spring of 2003 as a "side-project" for members of the Eugene-based bands Piker and Sullen. Sullen's Pat Wombacher and Terry Geil(both formerly of NW Death Metal stalwarts, Victims Of Internal Decay) joined forces with Piker's Kevin Warren to form a 3-piece grindcore band. Once writing and rehearsals began, they realized this could NOT remain a "side-project". Kevin recruited fellow Piker member Ryan Rook to solidify the line-up, and the foundation of Domesticide was laid. More than 3 years later, they are still tearing up the NW Metal scene. They have released two self-produced demos(2004's "What Would Satan Do?" and 2005's "Corporation") and are currently finishing the mixing and mastering of their new cd. They entered the studio on July 21st of 2006, to record their full-length debut, at Central Node Productions, in Eugene. They are now in the final stages and hope to have the record released by Halloween! Domesticide are currently unsigned and are in negotiations with several labels, trying to secure a deal. They need someone to help them in their quest to bring their music to the masses. Check out their website,, for news, upcoming shows, merchandise, etc. You can check them out live quite frequently in their hometown of Eugene at such venues as, the Wow Hall, John Henry's, Samurai Duck, Wetlands, etc. Occasionally they will trek north to Portland, Seattle, etc.... They will be heading South to California in early December, for a few NorCal shows. A West Coast Tour is imminent! They must support the new record! So watch for them in your town soon! They are Domesticide. Join The Corporation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!