Few bands deliver the powerhouse rock that has become the signature of Dallas's GROUND. Born in 1997 and perfected in 2001, Ground combines a catchy / melodic approach to song writing with an "earth shaking" live performance that insures you enjoy the ride & come back for more. Ground is one of the bands that people talk about long after the lights go up! "Guitarist Jay Shannon's monster riffs are definitely the back bone of the Ground sound. Shannon & band mates Christopher Ryle (vocals), Jace Herman (bass) and Dan Bryan (drums) combine radio-ready hard rock with a hint of progression for a truly unique sound. " (Kevin White / Harder Beat Magazine) As song writers & performers, Ground is a tight knit group of professionals on the same page. Their musical backgrounds & influences however, are dramatically different. Growing up with such diverse musical influences such as classical, jazz, rock, punk, metal, (and even country) these guys have a wealth of experience to draw from. The current members of Ground have all worked together in other projects over the last few years. This experience as individuals allowed them to solidify very quickly as a team. In the end it's all about the music, so check out Ground and "Catch The Buzz!!!"

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the stain [ 04:04 ]
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