HEART ATTACK was born in Cannes in 2007, thanks to Kevin GEYER (lead singer/guitar) and flora CAPELLO (Bass). The band’s main influences are Gojira, Metallica, Machine Head, Pantera and Lamb of God.  In 2009 HEART ATTACK released its first EP « Lullabies for Living Dead » which was recorded at Artmusic Studio (Nice, FRANCE) and mastered at Wildstudio (Job for a cowboy, Krisiun...) CANADA. This first EP received really good critics and was acclaimed by the most important French webzines. After the arrival of Chris CESARI (Lead Guitar) and Chris ICARD (Drums), the band co-stared about 40 venues with the following: DAGOBA, HEADCHARGER, LOLICON, VETHA and CLICHE BOYS. The band gained the experience and notoriety in order to be more and more intense and full of energy on stage.  Everything is going faster in 2012 as HEART ATTACK released its first video for the song « Stop Pretending » and is actually recording the next EP which should be released in the upcoming months. Stop pretending Video clip : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNJBPNde5mw&hd=1

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Stop pretending [ 04:37 ]
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