Horror Legion
My name is Anthony and I am the creator of " Horror Legion " a dark, doom, nightmare of metal chaos. Many a metal creation has spilled forth from the deep reaches of my brain. " Metalmorfis " was a Chicago favorite for many years, and abroad. Joining " Suicide Bride " again a Chicago favorite as well abroad also. Many a tour and shows under this horror creatures belt. I live and die for metal and everything that comes with it. Everyday is Halloween for me, my apartment is a living, breathing haunted house. I was born in France a product of a whiskey bottle so i drink bottle after bottle of whiskey looking for possible siblings, to this date no luck. When im not creating scary props for the stage show you can find me blasting my stereo at levels that will cause brain damage and hearing loss. So thats about it people and remeber, " METAL IS THE LAW " .

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Impending Doom [ 04:33 ]
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