"Madame Bloodsucker"
:[ lyrics ]:
    Madame Bloodsucker  In line an waiting  I see bloodsuckers   all around  In desperation she wants control to bring you down    Grasping lies she hunts out you weakness and turns it all around    Our shapeless victim  Now shouts her message to the crowd    But there's a time and there's a place    Pose the question  But where's the charity in you   Create the answer  But then surround yourself with fools   All I see is nothing but sadness  I start to play you your game   Selfishness is written within you But where does sadness end   But there's a time and there's a place To raise our fears raise our fears So get there s fucker out my face  As she'll raise our fears raise our fears    Hold me closer  Where there is reason there is scorn   Your indignation  It holds the truth inside your core   Rid yourself of all your relations  And dig yourself a hole.   Hide behind the myth you created   But keep it to yourself