Insidiöus Törment
Of all the bands you listened to in the eighties, which one would you rather have seen make it into the new millennium still going strong? The glory of heroes, the might of magic, the rule of the blade – all these things come together in Insidiöus Törment. It is the best of what the eighties metal scene had to offer, brought to you here in the new millennium. Not just off an old LP, but straight out of the can! As if the nineties never happened (it almost seems a conspiracy that they occurred at all!), Insidiöus Törment hammers out their own solid metal to the tune of classic eighties power metal. By combining all the best of the decade, from the sing-along choruses of pop and hair metal to the hints of dark thrash, visiting can become a trip down memory lane. Tracks like “The Duke of Liechtenstein”, “Moon Trooper” and “The Great Cocks of Rock’n’Roll” deliver the goods!

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