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Metal Maniacs Magazine

by Jess Metal Edge, posted 09/04/08 10:27:28   » Compilation CD

Calling All Bands!

As well as working with Metal Edge I also work for Metal Maniacs magazine. Your magazine for underground metal. Black Metal, Death Metal you name it we cover it. Metal Maniacs also does a compilation disc in every issue featuring some of the heaviest acts treading below the surface of the mainstream.
Anyone who is interested in their band being on this CD contact me and let me know so I can come check you out.
As well if you have any friends in bands who really just kick ****, drop me a line and I would be happy to take a listen.


Metal Edge Magazine

by Jess Metal Edge, posted 07/18/08 12:27:41   » Compilation CD

Hello All,

So you know Metal Edge Magazine, the leading mag for metal, hardcore, progressive and thrash type tunes puts out a compilation CD every month. Yours truly helps to put together this fabulous CD with the goal being to get new music out to our 120,000+ readers every month. There are some killer bands on this site so if anyone that is in a band wants me to check them out drop me a line, as well if you want me to check out a band that you like I would be happy to oblige. From there maybe we can get them onto out CD. I am open to any suggestions, and as always....


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