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Artist: MENTOR | Location: EUROPE: Portugal | Web Site: http://www.mentorplanet.net
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Members: MIGUEL - vocals & guitar; JORGE - guitar; STREXLESS - bass; KWANE - drums
About: Originally from a small town in Portugal called Vale de Cambra, the genesis of the band dates back to the year 2000, due to the desire of friends: Jorge and Miguel, and their passion for music. Both guitarists, they invited drummer Filipe and together gave soul to some ideas. Shortly after, in 2001, Rui would join the band, permanently replacing several bass players that had jammed with the band. Still short of a vocalist and after several auditions in a search for their front man, Miguel gradually assumed the vocals along with the rhythm guitar. At the end of this same year, due to a conflict of ideas, Filipe abandoned the band. A few months later, in 2002, they found their substitute member, Stephane. MENTOR became the band’s definite name. In June 2005, the band recorded their first 4 song demo CD. Shortly after, on august 6th, 2005, in a dreadful event, Stephane lost his life, leaving the band orphan, not only of their drummer, but of a great friend. After a period of mourning, the remaining band members decided to go on and began a quest for a new drummer. In June 2006 their search came to an end, as Kwane became the band’s newest member. In 2007, the band recorded their second demo CD. For more information about the band please visit the websites: www.mentorplanet.net and www.myspace.com/mentorplanet
Songs From MENTOR
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Genre: Metal | Album: Demo´07 | Label: none
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