How it started Back in the days when heavy metal bands dominated the largest venues and Z-rock ruled the airwaves, Tidewater had its own heavy metal thunder, local favorites, Kidpool. One of the most popular local bands of the era, Kidpool rocked all the local hot spots. This is where current Monument guitarist and lead vocalist, Ronni McDaries and drummer, Dale Brown first began their rock and roll legacy. Kidpool was a five piece band with Ronni on lead guitar and Dale on drums. The band rocked Hampton Roads for years opening up for National recording acts such as Nuclear Assault, Blue Oyster Cult, Trixter, and Steelheart.They were part of Thunder on the Beach featuring Rick Derringer and Waylon Jennings. The band recorded several EPs , shot one video for a song written by Ronni, Chasing Your Shadows, and appeared on a local televison show , Buzz TV which aired on WTKR Channel 3. The bands success kept them in the spotlight for quite some time but like all good things ,this one had its end also. The band members went their separate ways and some embarked on other projects. The musical chemistry between Ronni and Dale was to much to throw away ,so the two decided to engage in their own colaboration.Thus ,Monument was born. And then there was Monument . The search was on for a singer and a bassist for the new band. Try out after tryout, the band found John McDonald to play bass, but was still in search of a front man. Singer after singer the right one was just not there. The result was Ronni deciding to fulfill his dream of fronting the band. The new band , a three piece emerged, harder and heavier than ever. The band recorded a CD, titled New Revolution. It was recorded in Va. Beach, Va. At the Daily Planet studio with producer Stacey Hayden (former guitarist for David Bowie).This CD gives you everything a fan could be looking for, heavy guitar, melodic harmonies, thrashing drums, driving bass, and an extensive range of vocals. It features a variety of styles from Al DiMeola influenced guitar, to King Diamond influenced vocals.This CD is a must have, and best of all Monument is a very uplifting and positive band. The CD is awesome,but to experiance the band fully, you have to see a live performance. Their stage presence will blow you away. This band is very powerful, very precise, very technical. You have to see it to believe it . Its a monumental adventure in rock and roll.

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