Consisting of five members from Jyvskyl, Finland, Morian plays melodic rock occasionally spiced up with dynamic metal parts. The band was founded in the year 2002 by guitarist/songwriter Sami Niittykoski; Sami had a couple of songs and he wanted to have a band to play them with. Thus a band called Morian saw the daylight. After a few demos, gigs and some line-up changes the band made its first four-song promotional cd "Firewalkers". The title song "Firewalkers" was one of the most requested songs on a Canadian radiostation for three months. Its best position on the station's Weekly Chart was #3. The Chart includes 50 most requested songs and on one of the weeks there was 3 songs by Morian on the chart! So, Morian has received somewhat widespread acclaim on the Internet, spawning fans from Southern Europe to USA and Mexico. But what lies ahead now? Currently the band is composing more and more new songs and making demos for the upcoming debut album. At the same time Morian is looking for a record deal, in order to better satisfy the musical hunger of its international fans. So can all these people from all over the world be wrong? That's right, they can't. Make no mistake, Morian is soon going to be on everybody's lips. Turn up your speakers and let the music speak for itself.

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Firewalkers [ 04:17 ]
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