My Endeavour
‘My Endeavour’ are a 4 piece ‘alternative’ / hard rock’ band from the south coast of England U.K. With a shared passion for a great melody and tight musicianship they have become known for their powerful and emotive rock tracks comprised of killer riffs, huge power chords and infectious choruses that once heard will never let you go. They describe their musical style as "’'Nickelback’ crossed with ‘Staind‘ with a hint of ‘Metallica’” whilst maintaining an original sound unique to them. The bands front man ‘Tim Seymour’ (drummer turned singer/guitarist) sums up the journey so far:“We’ve all walked very different paths to get here and have had to overcome many personal obstacles. Through focus and dedication it’s only now at this moment that everything feels right and all the hard work is finally starting to pay off”. With a growing worldwide fan base after the release of their 2007 self titled debut EP and with follow up tracks released throughout 2008 this "rare rock partnership" of 'melodic and heavy rock is set to take My Endeavour all the way to the top. My Endeavour have secured some high profile support slots with 'Attack! Attack!', 'InME', ‘Blaze Bayley’ and ‘Logan’ as well as playing to 1000's at the summer festivals. They are set to hit the studio in late 2009 to record their debut album.

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The Hunted [ 04:09 ]
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