NICK HELLFORT (Solo) Usually known as the Singer from the German Heavy Metal Band IRONY ( Nicolaj Ruhnow starts a Solo-Project called "NICK HELLFORT" beside IRONY, Spring 2007. Nick: “Within this Project I have the possibility to express myself in a more individual manner filled by ALL my personal influences!" And yes, Nick shows all his individuality and flexibility in every single way! With his charismatic and characteristic voice and fitted with an enormous Range, he draws everybody s attention to himself. Combined with electrifying and intensive Songs he invites the listener to share his impressions and Attitude. On the one Hand accusing, dark, crazy and sentimental on the other he is affecting his Statement with an ironic wink. The Songs "THE CROSS" and "CRUSADER" represents the first step into a Direction: Heavy Metal with a strong influence of the 70's as well as the early Prog-Rock-Era but without excluding Modernism. With the energetic Support from Guitarist Jörg "VINCENT" Klein (Studio musician, Producer and Former of German Powermetalband AETERNOM), Bass player Christoph "RISTO" Götz (long time fellow during the Years together with German Prog-Noise-Band VOIVITTU) and Drummer Andreas "ANDY" Rethmeier ("the Stranger from Austria" :-) the Song writing-Sessions for the upcoming Demo-EP are still in Progress! To Enjoy the NICK HELLFORT-Company live on Stage watch out for the upcoming Dates & News at,... Be prepared for more! !! NICK HELLFORT `COS HELL IS A FORT !! CURRENT LINE UP: Nick „HELLFORT“ Ruhnow (vox) Jörg „VINCENT“ Klein (guits) Christoph „RISTO“ Götz (bass) Andreas “ANDY” Rethmeier (drums)

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Crusader [ 05:04 ]
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