Originally formed in late 1996 under several different names, NADIR was finally born in early 1997. Having recorded several demos and gaining notoriety through constant touring all over the UK, the band was to split in 1999 due to drummer Mike returning to his native Texas U.S.A to continue his studies. May 2001 saw Mikes return and a new breed Nadir with their self titled E.P recorded at Studio Adelaide, Essex. With tracks like Stigmata Plague and Viral Infliction getting constant radio airplay and magazine coverage, Nadir stepped up their efforts and continued to tour and release more discs into the metal underground. Mid 2003, Nadir was to be put on the back burner while members of the band pursued other metal projects, which involved U.S and European tours and albums on various labels. NOW in 2007 Nadir are back to unleash a new level of aggression to the masses who have been subjected to a constant stream of weak, forgettable metal. With a release coming later this year expect to hear more crushing rhythms and face shredding riffs that will breathe new life into a confused and stagnant metal scene. Stay tuned.. see you in the pit!

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Stigmata Plague [ 03:34 ]
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