Ordeal of Soul
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2004:   Ordeal of Soul was founded in Pertunmaa by Joonas Mäkiranta and Ismo Nieminen when they thought to create something instrumental dual-bass metallic stuff. Just instrumental, with drums and overdriven guitar ofc, but later on.    2005:   First song ever made was the Mirage of Mirth which indeed is an instrumental, but it didn't take very long when the plan had already changed (well, the Transilvania theme had to become). Vocals were on. Joonas decided to try writing some diabolical lyrics- and that's how the Angel Went Astray happened (not excatly so diabolical in the end. But you should have heard the first version!). After that trial every following song was finished with lyrics made by Joonas and Ismo, usually together. Oppression, Legacy of Disappointment, Diabolic Sabotage (and there comes the satan), all pretty ready when the actions of Ordeal of Soul moved permanently to Lahti (a "bit" bigger place than Pertunmaa in southern Finland). Jere Kilpinen (Cut to Fit) was the first to bring his investment in the song arrangement with keyboards and clean vocals. Jukka Nurminen came along as a drummer, and still is a heaven sent fellow musician. Niko Laine  was also recently befriended young, aggressive mate and had some skills with guitar. Both, Jukka and Niko were at the same upper secondary school with Joonas (which was Kannaksen lukio). They were done with the song arrangements in no time!.. or they thought so. Niko said two weeks before they were supposed to record the first five- song demo that he isn't ready and is going to leave the band. 'Cause felt slowing us down. Yeah... Maybe the working tempo was a bit high. But! No worries! Ismo and Jukka played guitars on all the tracks and it went how it went. At least the joy about the very first demo record was something to remember. Some weeks after those events Jere had to be sunderd. Ordeal was then awhile just three men. Hard times... ...Until Sami Angelvuo replaced Jere in keyboards and clean tuned vocals just before the new year.   2006: Soon Niko Peltonen took the guitar and things were suddenly normalized. During the first quarter of the year Zero Resemblance rised to present reformed Ordeal. It was recorded with Memory (hard time softie) at summer. That "single" was widely, but silently noticed. Otherwise, that year was quite poor. It gave nothing more than Zero and Memory, which might have been good enough, but... Yes. Once again there was a problem with the lineup. And again the band lost one great Niko named guy. Peltonen didn't fit as well as the band had hoped. So, then it has to come to an end. A year back Joonas had encountered some great people from his school and Miikka Lähdetluoma was yet to be found. The man. With his guitar he did so well when he was first heared out (to check out how well would he fit in) that there was no doubt. From that moment he has been the musical cornerstone in the band. In the Kannas X-Mas Rock 2006 Ordeal performed new songs from the later appeared third demo record Annihilated. The show was a huge success.   2007:   Anger is a Gift, Death's the Essence, Angel Went Astray (highly evolved from the first made), Speech and Ouzel's Lay were recorded with Juho Räihä (Before the Dawn) handling the buttons in the studio at May. Annihilated was taken pretty well by the audience and got good notifications from critics. Not only pretty things happen. Joonas went awhile like a fool and was kicked out for good. The rest of the band continued with two guitars and one bass.   2008:   Some progress, but not enough. The whole band split up and disappeared.   2010:   The comeback that all were waiting for! Old cleavages were buried and Ordeal got its second chance, once again by the decision of Ismo and Joonas. With the same lineup than back in the band's active time, but now with Vilho Siniketo playing the guitar with Miikka. There is yet something new to offer. In fact, a lot. Never forgetting the old songs while creating new, the band is soon ready to play them all live.