In 2006 Michael a talented bass player got through to Shane on the phone an acquainted at the time. They had met through music and had plans about founding a band. The time was right to start a serious hard working band that wants to make it. They shared the life-long dream of reaching the public through music and doing it 24/7. Michael had met a drummer and they were forming a band. They needed a singer and a crazy guitar player. Kenneth, an old friend of the drummer, was the first choice for them to play the lead guitars and Michael saw the opportunity to call Shane and get the rock rolling. In no time the band was on their feet and rocking the house. They decided to hit the studio as quick as possible. They had been playing some cover songs and were determined to give life to some original material that Shane had in his backpack for a few years. Michael had pulled some strings and soon some label folks were interested. The fact that Shane had performed on national TV made the whole deal a bit more saucy. As the studio session progressed the virgin problems of every new started band showed its nasty teeth. The drummer was replaced due to pressure. Ultimately Krger became the wheel that would share the weight of creating this band. Now the tracks were laid and the future could begin. The sound and intensity of this band will vividly complement the art of rock through diversity and experience. The potential of an upcoming revolutionary tribute to rock has begun

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posted by: PHONBASS posted: 06/06/07 14:57:09
PREY FOR NOTHING From Israel rocks Denmark PHON was visited by the Isralian metalers PREY FOR NOTHING. As they were recording their debut album at the mighty Jacob Hansens studio in the local area. Both bands were jaming and going crazy having a great time. PREY FOR NOTHING is definately considerd as friends after this hard rocking weekend. Pictures were taken as the bands introduceds their new material to each other. These can be seen here. Good vibes and heavy metal was in the air. PHON recomends all metal fans to check out PREY FOR NOTHINGs awsome-crazy-titanium-metal-thrashing sound. Rock on guys

posted by: PHONBASS posted: 06/06/07 13:12:26
Shane Date of birth: 25. February 1978 From: born Wolverhampton, Great Britain originated from India Personal: girlfriend Instrument: vocals and heavy thrashing guitars Equipment: Guitars: Fender Telecaster, Ibanez, RG, Prestige, Schecter Diamond seriesHellraiser; Amp: ENGL Fireball; Speakers: 2 ENGL 4x12 English born Indian guy. Shanes parents decided to move to Denmark when he was just one year old. He grew up in the south part of Denmark but spend the most of his youth in the capital city Copenhagen. Now he is situated in the western part of Denmark as a hard working rock musician in PHON. He has a part time job as a teacher. Shanes fascination of music started as he was merely a small child. Hearing the riffs of the powerful rock guitar in Deep Purples - Smoke on the water made his life destined to the path of rock n roll. While playing in bands since he could walk he has chosen to make a living of performing and composing his own music. Shane has played around the Danish music scene on every thinkable stage from late night bars to TV shows viewed by millions. Being a singer and song writer Shane is a driving force for the PHONs original material. Also as a front figure Shanes powerful voice is a main part of the band recognition. The strong and hard guitar riffs that lie deep inside of him are thus more a milestone for PHON. Michael: Date of birth: 2. of November 1970 From: Born in Vejle, grown up in Grinsted, DK Personal: Wife! And 5 children Instrument: Heavy powerful Bass Equipment: Bass guitars: Patrick Eggle, Schecter Scorpionbass Amp: EBS FAFNER, Speakers: 2x EBS 4-10 Michael was born in Vejle and grew up in Grinsted which are towns in the southern part of Denmark. He also lived in Bergen, Norway, for a few years where he actively took part in the music scene. Now he is situated close to his roots in Denmark. He is a fully trained tiler/roofer. He has dedicated his life to making a living of recording and performing music. The interest of music started as Michael was eight years old and got his first record player with a vibrant pink Elvis record. This ignited the spark and love for music that would determin Michaels life. At a young age Michael was drawn to hard rock and the heavy sounds made his heart beat. He played keyboards, sang and played guitars. Ultimately at the age of eighteen he found his place as a bass player. Michael has played on every thinkable stage in Denmark. Big or small, he rocked them all. Michaels unique bass playing style is the foundation of PHONs hard rocking sound. He is in possession of immensely good hearing and experience which contributes as a supporting pillar to the band. His enthusiasm and professionalism paves PHONs way for higher levels. Kenneth: Date of birth: 10th December 1974 From: Esbjerg, Denmark Personal: Girl-friend and children Instrument: Crazy lead guitars Equipment: Ibanez Fender Stratocaster Caparison ENGL Powerball Speakers:2 ENGL 4x12 Kenneth was born and raised on the west coast of Denmark in a town called Esbjerg. Ever since he was a minor, the love of music and especially playing the guitar was heartfelt for him. At the age of fourteen he got his own guitar and started playing blues-rock mostly in bands. Soon he saw himself rocking at parties and making the public wild with his passionate and crazy guitar style. In the year 2000 he established a band and finally got somewhere with original guitar riffs and solos. The style was getting harder and he was attracted to the heavier sounds of rock guitar. The band was successful but lasted only a few years. Growing in talent and in the need of such musicians Kenneth played with the cream of the local music scene. But still his need for hard rocking music was not satisfied. In the search for new challenges Kenneth luckily stumbled over an old friend playing the drums in a new started band which was in search of a gifted guitar player. Finally he found what he was searching for. Now he is the precise hard rocking lead guitar player in PHON. The contribution of his talent and technical precision brings the band to life. Krger: Date of birth: 20. November 1976 From: Nustrup, a little village in southern Denmark Personal: Single Instrument: Drums Equipment: Sonor His real name is Hans Krger. He was born and raised on a farm in Nustrup. He was an average normal well-behaved kid until he stumbled upon music closer defined rock and metal. Currently he lives in Haderslev and is a trainee as an industrial programmer. He started to play drums at the age of twelve but stopped again at 14 only to make a comeback the tender age of 15 He played in different bands and varied his style through the years. In the beginning it was mostly blues and pop but through time he evolved to play heavier and at one point he was thrashing the drums in a band where the art death metal was at its finest. At the age of twenty he bought his first real drum kit which is the Sonor set on which this demo is recorded. At the age of 25 he met Shane and started the band Dhiman. This band had a lot of success until it broke up in 2004. After that he planned on having an early drum retirement but had to face the fact that life pretty much sucked when not playing music. To his fortune Shane has started another band and they were missing a drummer. The rest is future. Krger would put any drum machine to shame with his extraordinary tight style. His overview exceeds his instrument and makes it thus more powerful and reliable. He is PHONs musical equivalent of a well-tuned powerful freight train. He gives the music an edge which is vital for PHONs distinctive style.

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