In 2006 Michael a talented bass player got through to Shane on the phone an acquainted at the time. They had met through music and had plans about founding a band. The time was right to start a serious hard working band that wants to make it. They shared the life-long dream of reaching the public through music and doing it 24/7. Michael had met a drummer and they were forming a band. They needed a singer and a crazy guitar player. Kenneth, an old friend of the drummer, was the first choice for them to play the lead guitars and Michael saw the opportunity to call Shane and get the rock rolling. In no time the band was on their feet and rocking the house. They decided to hit the studio as quick as possible. They had been playing some cover songs and were determined to give life to some original material that Shane had in his backpack for a few years. Michael had pulled some strings and soon some label folks were interested. The fact that Shane had performed on national TV made the whole deal a bit more saucy. As the studio session progressed the virgin problems of every new started band showed its nasty teeth. The drummer was replaced due to pressure. Ultimately Krger became the wheel that would share the weight of creating this band. Now the tracks were laid and the future could begin. The sound and intensity of this band will vividly complement the art of rock through diversity and experience. The potential of an upcoming revolutionary tribute to rock has begun

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PHON in action
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Die Alone
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Broken son
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Pictuers site 1
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picture site 2
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picture site 3
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Profil site
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Thanx site
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Shane Dhiman
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Michael Hansen
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Kenneth Bergstrm
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Hans Kruger
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Shane Dhiman from Danish idols
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