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WELCOMEThe original Poltrex disbanded in 1991 due to various personal reasons. As it stood, the music scene at that time was changing and 'Grunge' was hitting the music market big time, which was leaving the thrash industry in a cloud of dust. The fall of bands like ‘Acid Reign’. ‘Xentrix~ and even ‘Nuclear Assault were some of the few to mention. All though recently some have played again.So it began.... Over the years I have collated enough material to think about putting something together for a bit of fun. Resurrect some of the old tunes and add some new ones. So here it is, a solo project, something I do in my spare time, which is pretty much none existent as I have a two wonderful children and a an amazing wife in my life now. Its a slow process collating this stuff..... But hopefully you will like the results, and hopefully its a testament to the original music.....Stef G 2009