Pulsediver (Amsterdam, 2006), is the bastard child produced by the unlawful marriage of Stoner-rock and Indie-pop. A female singer sustains 3 gentlemen with only one goal: to take complete advantage of their kindness (and solid musicality) in order to exalt, unmistakingly, her reign as the Queen of Cups personified. Mariskas vocal prowess will not go unnoticed. Inspired by the likes of Pixies, quotsa , Melissa Auf der Mauer, and of course Ledzabbath this combo cant stop creating hard steaming pulsations amongst precious little surprising songs donned in the kind precociousness that keeps you asking how? and wanting more regardless. Keeps both eyes (ears) open cause this Dutch band has arrived. At this moment theres a demo containing several songs. A couple of songs are placed as an mp3 on their website - so have a listen to the Pulsediver resonance - busting at the seams and ready for the stage! Website: www.pulsediver.nl

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