Pe Skewer
Pe Skewer is a band formed by the musician Cleber Skewer in Brazil when recording the first tape "authority´s fallen down" in 1999.Pe Skewer plays songs between ROCK and PHILOSOPHY.The band plus appears in some official collections and local videos.In 2004 recorded the EP "both singles collection" and only in 2007 is out the first album "éclectique dialectique".Pe Skewer takes two members only:Cleber Skewer and Rene Veiga. -"authority´s fallen down"-(tape)-1999; -"both singles colection"-(EP)-2004; -"praxis & dialetikha"-(EP)-2005; -"philosophical headmaster grave"-(single)-2007; -"éclectique dialectique"-(ALBUM)-2007. CLEBER SKEWER has some good musicians influences like John Deacon(bass) fromn QUEEN and Carl Palmer(drums) from EMERSON,LAKE & PALMER and ASIA.So Rene Veiga has some good guitar players like Bryan Setzer from STRAY CATS and Michael Schenker from UFO and MSG.

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PE SKEWER-King Crimson fan
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credits: Waldemar Ziclague (2007)
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