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In 2000 year the idea for a death metal band is released. The name is given from Boby (ex-Post Scriptum, ex-Agonic Faint, Cynicism). The cardinal idea is that everything written can have postscript and nothing is absolutely end. The members are: Pire - guitar, Slave - guitar, Boce - vocals, bass and Mite -drums, vocals. The first concert is in winter of a 2001 year in "Hristo Botev" community centre and Pire doesn't play with the band. After three concerts Slave and Boce left Post Scriptum. In the autumn of 2002 year Evgeni (a.k.a. Indianeca) replaced Boce on bass and backing vocals. Kire joined the band soon after that by way of Evgeni. The band starts seriously work on their new songs. They continue their work with some concerts and festivals. They play in clubs in Sofia like OShipka, Okoto(The Eye), Scenata (The scene), Fans, and Area 51 club in Varna. They took part in festivals in Dobrich, Shumen, Berkovica Beckstock festival and some festivals in Sofia Winter storm, festival in memory of Chuck Shuldinar and more. In the beggining of 2006 year Evgeni left the band. Since that moment the line-up of Post Scriptum is : Dimitar Sokolov (Mite) drums, vocals, writing all lyrics Petar Iorgov (Pire) - lead guitar, Kiril Petrov (Kire) solo guitar, they havent bass guitar player in the moment. The members define their music like "peculiar-agressiv, towards the gender of death metal. It's been creating on the spur of the moment in room that's about no more than 10 quadrat metres. In 2004 year Kire meet his girlfriend Adelina. A few months later, impressed of Post Scriptums music she starts to make their PR and management. Result of that are more than 20 profiles in the internet including myspace and numberonemusic, where the band meet a lot of friends. Also they are invited to play on the Bulgarian Monsters Of Rock festival in the summer of 2006 year, who was canceled unfortunately. A few months later Sabina Classen (Holly Moses vocal and manager of Armageddon music) notify Post Scriptums work and in the moment they are working on their first album.
Dimitar Sokolov- vocals, drums, Kiril Petrov - solo guitar, Peter Iorgov - lead guitar
EUROPE: Bulgaria
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