Ricardo Bocci
Ricardo Bocci is a heavy metal vocalist from Brazil, that is known by his work with the veteran band VIPER, which he joined in 2004 and recorded an album called "All My Life" in 2007. In 2008 BOCCI decided to release a solo project, while VIPER takes a break in it's activities. He selected excelent brazilian musicians to record his music: the first one was a really catchy and powerfull song called "My Way", that was released as a digital single in his website for free download. The production counted with Roy Z mixing, Maor Appelbaum mastering and Mark Boals special appearance in the background vocals. In Bocci's music you can find some good guitar riffs and the bass and drums were amazingly played by very skilled musicians, and good melodies that'll stuck in your head and will not leave you anymore. Considered one of the best melodic singers in Brazil, by the critics, he's also a great musician with classical music background. His musical concepts reach a really good balance between technique and melody. He also participates in other projects, like the Sphaera Rock Orchestra: a union of a rock band with an orchestra, playing classic heavy metal / hard rock songs from bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dio, Whitesnake, Queen... You can check it out in his official YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/ricardobocci

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