SHIFT is a brand new heavy metal band, started by the guitarist Rich Davis and drummer Chris Lembach from the band MYSTIC-FORCE. Rich and Chris were very fortunate to be able to find such great talent to add to their newest project. Jeff Caudle from the band CYPHER, and both the bass player Steve Shaffer and guitarist Doug Guthrie from the band DEADLOCK. SHIFT's debut cd "Creating a Monster" has been very doing great, in fact the cd has only been out for two months now, and they are already going into their second pressing. The monster has definitely been created and the monster is SHIFT....
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posted by: shiftallaccess posted: 03/22/07 19:27:04
SHIFT is very happy to announce that they have just signed a major distribution deal with NIGHTMARE RECORDS. And after only two months after the release of their debut cd "Creating a Monster" SHIFT is going into their second pressing of cd's

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