Searing i
Searing I was formed in Uppsala, Sweden, in 1999 by Mattias Hansson (bass), Marcus Olofsson (guitar), Andreas Engman (drums) and Andreas "Hasse" Hansson (vocals). In 2001 Anders Björk was added to the line-up as the second guitar player. This line-up recorded two demos. "Hasse" left the band in 2003 and was replaced by Andreas Öman. Combining Andreas man’s throat with the fast guitar-riffs and the furiously pounding drums, the music developed into a harder, faster in-your-face death/thrash metal. After some months of rehearsing and a couple of gigs Searing I recorded the four-track Demo A Treacherous Ride. In 2004 the Tons Of Hate Demo was recorded. This Demo gave the band an opportunity to sign a record deal with Black Lotus Records. The debut album titled Bloodshred was recorded and mixed in the spring of 2005 at Blueflame Productions Studio in Uppsala by Teddy Möller(Loch Vostok/ FKU) and Niklas Kupper(Loch Vostok). Later the same year Marcus Olofsson (guitar) decided to leave the band. Niklas Kupper who already was familiar with the songs and sound of Searing I replaced Marcus. Bloodshred was released in 30 countries and has gained a lot of good reviews. It has been played on the radio in several countries all around the world. In the spring of 2006 Black Lotus announced that the label would cease to exist and that they would end their collaboration with all the bands signed to the label. Searing I is at present time without a record deal but with material for a full-length album!

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