SinHeresY rose officially in May 2009 in Trieste when the bassist Davide Sportiello and the guitarist Lorenzo Pasutto, after the nth disappointing concert of the 80's cover band where they played (and with a couple of brandy's drops) decided it was time to end with commercial music without perspectives just to gain a little money, and to give themselves all in a serious metal project, 'cause they loved (and still love) this music and they have grown up with it. They chose as vocalist the Friulian singer Cecilia Petrini, who already sang in the ex Pasutto's power band Astranimae, and who was choralist in the 80's cover band, endowed with a crystal and expressive voice which directed immediately the compositions towards a melodic metal with marked symphonic accents and with power rythms on the wake of Nightwish, Edenbridge, After Forever. Then in August 2009, the drummer Alex Vescovi joined the band, quitting his former hard rock and heavy metal cover band. He was eager to try his hand at playing his own music in a genre with faster and more complex rythms. After his entrance, the band decided to harden its sound and to alternate more melodic pieces with more aggressive ones. With this aim, the band started searching a male voice to contrast Petrini's voice; after some auditions in January 2010 they chose Stefano Sain, ex Astranimae's vocalist too, endowed with a rough and powerful voice. With this stable line-up SinHeresY started in May 2010 their live activity in Friuli and in the near-by Slovenia. In September the band, helped by Daniele Moretti (leader of the rock band Klame) realized a home-made demo containing the two songs Lying Dreams and Minds' Masters. Then the band beginned the compositions of new songs where the dominant power root got limited for a darker and more powerful sound, influenced by Sportiello's preference for gothic atmospheres of band such as Sirenia, Delain and Within Temptation and by Pasutto's background with predominant sonorities of bands such as Children Of Bodom, Symphony X, Kamelot. In June 2011 the work was accomplished and SinHeresY entered Studio 73 in Ravenna. They committed themselves to Riccardo Pasini (already working with Extrema, Ephel Duath, BeerBong) for the recordering of their official debut EP "The Spiders And The Butterfly". The mini-album was edited in October 2011 and nearly immediately the band signed a distribution contract with the label Revalve Records owned by Roberto "Rob" Cufaro (constitutor and ex member of Theatres Des Vampires). At the same time the keyboard player Daniele Girardelli joined the band, relieving from this task Sportiello and Petrini who were holding this role temporarily. The EP was officially released on December the 14th and it gained immediately general approval from critics and public. It was even elected best demo of the month by the prestigious italian Metal Maniac magazine. In January 2012 SinHeresY joined K2 Music Management, that will deal with the band and the EP promotion, preparing at the same time the ground for the release of the first full-lenght, foreseen for the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013.

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Temptation Flame [ 04:29 ]
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