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Artist: Skin Drone | Location: AMERICA NORTH: USA: Massachusetts (MA) | Web Site: https://skindrone.bandcamp.com/releases
Contact Skin Drone | last Update: 06/05/16 13:41:24
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Members: Otto Kinzel, Erik Martin
About: Combining elements of technical extreme metal, Industrial, & avant-garde into a whirlwind of bombastic audioatrocities.We strive to create music that surrounds itself in chaos, in depravity, & in truth. We're not interested in your mainstream heroes. We only care about OUR heroes. A compliment from a true underground metal fan trumps the praises of an MTV/Viacom groupie every time. 
Songs From Skin Drone
God Complex   Rate This Song! 04:56
Genre: Metal | Album: Evocation | Label: Bluntface Records
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