Like a demonically-programmed machine, Through the Discipline relentlessly carries forward amidst all chaos and obstacles surrounding them. Comprised of lead vocalist, Mike Centrone, 23, guitarists Luis Ramirez, 24 & Joe Ferentz, 23, drummer Allen Benatar, 24, and bassist Mark Morrill, 25, TTD blends traditional, hair-whipping metal with a fresh and bold style. There is no bigger goal on this bands agenda than to produce an original and unique piece of art. Their material is filled with dark melodies as well as cutting-edge leads complimenting a beefy and tight rhythm section. Not only does the instrumental aspect of the band stand out but the highly-diverse vocal style of Centrone really completes Through the Disciplines unmatchable sound. TTD began in 1997 and played local shows consistently, building a strong fan-base close to home in the 5 boroughs of NY. Once the band started playing other markets outside of New York, TTD released an EP entitled "OUR LADY OF DEATH in 2001 without any backing from a record label. This release put Through the Discipline on the map as a monstrous metal force. This 5-song assault on the senses would eventually go on to sell over 2000 copies worldwide, despite its limited exposure and distribution. In 2003, Through the Discipline recorded a devastating 3-song demo at Sound Investments Studios in Scranton, PA. The band worked like maniacs to get their music to as many people as possible and did numerous tours of the east coast while shopping the demo to labels. While on tour, TTD secured a deal with independent record label JAILHOUSE RECORDS. In May 2004, they released their debut full-length CD, "ART OF SURVIVAL. ART OF SURVIVAL" is a true display of TTDs abilities and satisfies any fan of heavy music. This 10-song masterpiece struck a chord with the underground metal scene and opened up many opportunities for TTD. Both the 2004 NEW ENGLAND METAL & HARDCORE FESTIVAL and the 2004 HELLFEST were scenes for phenomenal performances by Through the Discipline. The band also embarked on two full US tours that year. The first of these was the NO MORE SERENITY tour alongside KATAKLYSM, (NUCLEAR BLAST Records) MISERY INDEX (RELAPSE Records), and CANNAE (PROSTHETIC Records) in the spring of 2004. That summer, long time friends FULL BLOWN CHAOS (STILLBORN Records) and 100 DEMONS (DEATHWISH INC. Records) accompanied TTD on their second tour of the US, keeping them fresh in the minds of fans new and old. The band then embarked on an extended run of the east coast with BLOODJINN and THE HOSTAGE HEART in 2005. After filling in the vacant lead guitarist position when Pat Reilly left the band with Joe Ferentz, TTD crossed into the Canadian border for the first time in the summer of 2006. They successfully completed a mini-tour of Ontario with BEYOND WITHIN and CRYPTIC STENCH. To date, Through the Discipline has shared the stage with highly touted bands like SHADOWS FALL, SUFFOCATION, CRYPTOPSY, ICED EARTH, CHILDREN OF BODOM, HATEBREED, E-TOWN CONCRETE, MASTODON, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, AS I LAY DYING, GOD FORBID, SIX FEET UNDER, SWORN ENEMY, ALL THAT REMAINS, THE RED CHORD and plenty more. Through the Discipline is currently writing new material for the follow up to ART OF SURVIVAL, which has successfully sold copies through US distros like VERY, LUMBERJACK, REVHQ and many others as well as being distributed by many companies throughout Europe, Japan, South America and Canada. There is no stopping the onslaught of TTD on the heavy music masses. The best is yet to come...

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