Tacit Fury
  We are Tacit Fury. (Death/Thrash Metal) Reformed in 2010 in Moscow, Russia. Line-up: Enoth - guitar/vocals imidaZo - drums German - bass This trio knows his job and has a powerful energetics that immerses the listener into a perky fury when listening to records, and (especially!) at concerts. In late spring 2012, Tacit Fury finished the creation of their debut album "Horrors From Depth" (recordered by Alexander Kondrtyev, Gigant Records, Moscow and produced/mixed/mastered by Brian Elliott, Mana Recording Studios, USA, 2012). The album turned out a powerful and uncontrollable, check it out! We all do for our fans! Listen to our music, come to our concerts and you will never remain indifferent! Fill free to contact us via email tacitfury(at)gmail . com!
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   "Horrors From Depth"  Tacit Fury
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