It all began with Cristi’s great desire of creating Romania’s greatest rock band, so in 2005, he started searching for team mates who would share his ambitions. The first one to draw Cristi’s attention was Fabian – a very interesting fellow which he saw in a TV show, where he was performing. He was everything but a rock vocalist back then, but his energy and style were incredibly powerful and it was clear that he was meant to be Voodoo’s frontman. After an extensive audition for guitarists, Cosmin (Aria, Mozart Rocks ex Evo, Stripsearch) joined forces with Cristi and Fabian, adding his modern and aggressive guitar work in the mix. The remaining empty spot left for the bass player was filled by Matei, completing the final lineup. The songwriting process started being directed more and more towards the alternative-metal/ dancehall fusion, born from the band's desire of having a different way of expression, which slowly built up a genuine style of music. The final modern sounding recipe, has Fabian’s reggae/ dancehall roots, Cristi and Matei’s dynamic and unpredictable grooves and Cosmin’s massive riffs, sprinkled with catchy melodies and soulful leads, all blending together to create the Voodoo magic.  Voodoo
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