Zero Tolerance
The mighty swedish "thrash'n'roll" band KRMATORIUM arose from the ashes of a band named FUCKED UP BEYOND ALL RECOGNITION (F.U.B.A.R), formed by singer Thomas Ernemyr and guitarist Hannes Hellman in 1999 as an alternative to playing table tennis, pool, smoking or whatever you would do on a lunch-break. Most of the members of this band had never played any instruments before and therefore, the music sounded extremely poor. Except for Thomas and Hannes, the band also consisted of Krmatorium's bass-player Christian Fagerstrm and a classmate named Victor Hansson on drums. In middle 1999 the band recorded a demo called "Kontroll ver Vrlden" which became a huge success amongst relatives and friends. That was the end of F.U.B.A.R. which in early 2000 disbanded. Then one day in 2003 F.U.B.A.R was reincarnated, now consisting of Hannes' old friend Oscar Persson on guitar, taking Hannes' place and putting him behind the drumset - Victor Hansson was no longer a member of the band. After several months playing old F.U.B.A.R songs and recording a demo and a video of our old hit "Kontroll ver Vrlden" we got tired of it and thought the songs sucked, which of course they did since they were all written in 9th grade. So F.U.B.A.R disbanded again, this time for good. But with a raging eager to create hard and extreme music, Hannes and Oscar decided to make a last effort, but this time in a new way with a different sound. The band KRMATORIUM was born, consisting of the same members as in F.U.B.A.R, except for Victor Hansson. The band rehearsed, rehearsed, rehearsed and rehearsed some more, then played live at Folkets Hus in Helsingborg. The gig was a success and when leaving the stage the audience wanted more, so we played our title-track "Krmatorium" a second time. After writing a bunch of new tunes and finding our own unique style, we cleaned out all of our old dusty material from our repertoire and focused on the new stuff. As for now, the line-up has changed a bit - Hannes went back to play the guitar, just like in the old days, and Oscar's friend and former bandmate (in Power Metal band GALVATRON) Tommy Johansson took Hannes' place on the drums. Finally, after changing line-ups several times, KRMATORIUM's current line-up is the following: Thomas Ernemyr on vocals, Hannes Hellman and Oscar Persson on guitars, Christian Fagerstrm on bass guitar and new member Tommy Johansson on the drums. Christian Fagerstrm then left the band. He had to move to Halmstad to study and could therefore no longer be a member of the band. A replacement for Christian Fagerstrm was confirmed shortly after the departure and the new bassplayer, Kim Osberg, who Oscar played with in his band called Silent. Two years later Krmatorium changed name to ZERO TOLERANCE and the lyrics were changed from swedish to english, and the sound became more brutal than ever! Then, a major change in the line up would accure. One of the songwriters, Hannes Hellman had to leave the band due to lack of interest and musical diffirences. Tony Eriksson replaced Hannes Hellman on the guitar in late summer 2006.

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genreMetal albumPrime Time Mind Surgery label creditsLyrics: tommyknocker, Music: O.Persson
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