When the guys in Ligeia personally address your sound as "a better It Dies Today" you know you've got something special. Within our first six months out on the TX music scene we were voted one of the Austin Chronicle's top ten metal bands, eclipsing the efforts of hundreds of other bands that were competing for recognition in the live music capital of the world for 2006! We also helped put together a Dimebag Tribute show last December, raising over $1300 that went to nonprofit organizations that work with kids! The intensity of our live performance has landed us on major bills with bands such as In This Moment, Silent Civilian, Facecage (produced by Slipknot's Corey Taylor), Jacknife, At All Cost, Brotherhood, Hatchet Work, By Any Means Necessary, Negative 263, Course of Ruin and many others. We'll go up against anyone on a local or national level and bring it every time! Our ultimate goal is to raise the bar for what is expected from a live band and truly stand for something. Every member of this band has worked to overcome major losses in life. We have lost friends and loved ones to drugs, addiction, failed relationships, disease and other major life setbacks. In order to overcome these struggles everyone in this band had to remove and separate himself from someone or something that was keeping him down or holding him back physically or emotionally. Together we've been a support system through the music we create. The message of Bangladesh is simple....Rise up against, and separate yourself from, everything that keeps you from reaching your fullest potential. Everything about Bangladesh embodies this concept. It is heartfelt, hardcore sincerity served up with an intensity that simply cannot be matched. "Fuck what the critics say!!!" This IS the new revolution of Texas Metal.

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