HellXHere is born in 2007 out of the musical meeting between Fred Hamm and Mirwan.
The year before, Mirwan was a lonesome and prolific composer whose musical projects had been so far limited to underground bands from the
far-off lands of Brittany and Normandy.
In search of future local contacts on the web’s social networks, Mirwan came across Fred Hamm’s page, drown by the guitar notes of the

Fred Hamm, at that time, had to his credit three albums in very different styles (more particularly he made the album “Aquarius Dreams” recorded
with the famous Pascal Mulot, mixed by the well-known Steve Prestage ( Black Sabbath, Peter Gabriel…). The meeting was meant to make the
sparks fly!

HellXHere has born and their references are Judas Priest, Megadeth and Metallica. These references have been kept to become the band’s
The date is fixed in may 2007 for the first rehearsal between the two guys - this rehearsal is engraved on the band’s memory forever; and the result
lived up to the hopes as Mirwan’s riffs have been magnified by Fred Hamm’s hand - the lumberjack meets the wood carver.

During the year 2009, HellXHere met again to put the finishing touches to their first pieces et foresee the future. The aim was then to record a
full-length album and nine songs were finally created.

In June 2010, the pace of events are quickening: Mix, arrangements and finally the mastering in November 2010.

The next pages of the story simply need to be written... in blood with a knife!


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