My Darkest Side
My Darkest Side born in Rome later in 2008, when Umberto Cavallari and Demian Ugolini met and soon found a strong personal and artistic 1affinity. This brings them to form an own band. They wanted to propose a style with sounds ranging from melodic to extreme death metal in a modern way, enriched by a hammering groove. In December 2009 the band enters the 16th Cellar Studio to record its first EP. "Death Begins" is ready in January 2010 and immediately gives great satisfactions. The early reviews in Italy are very good, beyond all expectations and soon came some confirmations from abroad by prestigious webzines as Blabbermouth. After this album the band starts to play live very often, bringing My Darkest Side to play as headliner on the prestigious Underworld stage in London and to play as supporting band to Caliban, As Blood Runs Black, The Modern Age Slavery and many others. In October 2011, the band records its first full length CD: "Voices From Room Zero", entrusting the job to Kutso Noise Home Studio. The band chooses to re-record only one of the songs contained on Death Begins, to give a sense of continuity but to offer at the same time mostly new material. In April 2012 the band signed a recording deal with SG Records to release "Voices From Room Zero".

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