Mystic Kick
The Indie Rock Band Mystic Kick brings you great Rock Original Radio Friendly Alternative Rock tunes as well as Classic Rock Covers from the early 60's to present with a touch of their own style and flare.Mystic Kick is located in and around Belleville, Ontario Canada and the Quinte region. Mystic Kick is a new band that is full of talent and fun. Mystic Kick is not only going to give you great music to listen and dance too, but wish to give you an experiance you will take with you and want to share with friends now and in the future. So keep a lookout for us at your local Bar, Club, Festival or venue near you.Iif you have an event, Festival, bar, wedding or any other type venue that you would like to book Mystic Kick for feel free to contact us for information. Mystic Kick would like to help bring back all those great memories that Rock gave you in the past, as well as add some more for the present and your future. So keep your eyes open for Mystic Kick. They will be performing at venues near you Don't forget to buy our new self tittled CD. Websites:   General Press Artists We Also Like:The Joys, Low Level Flight, Hells Bells To learn more abought the band check us out at:

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Maybe Now [ 03:52 ]
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