Shagrat was born 10 years ago, passing through differents bass players, and singers, the two brothers Nacho Rio and Alex Rio (Guitar and Drums, like Pantera, Ja) keep the style of the band through the years. Like they said to a  Metal Magazine of Argentina: ...this is the best Shagrat we could imagine, with Salvatore in vocals we find the melodies for the songs, and we S. D. Tatu in the bass, and old friend of us, we really know that Shagrat, got the sound we dreamed in the beginning. The quality of our sound is like any other band in the world, only singing in Spanish. Trust is Shagrat. Pd. We build our own studio, and we are making our first video in xdcam format. All we do, we do profesionally. We try to give the best to our new and to the old fans. Remember Shagrat.   Keep the Metal Up!!   Tom Shagrat's Manager.

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