Eyes Of The Living are: Tim Swisher - Vocals / Guitar Chris Moore - Bass / Backing Vocals Mike Straiton - Lead Guitar Cliff Fritts - Drums Eyes Of The Living are a group of Musicians originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA. Eyes of the Living - is a new Metal Band whose members have a history of previous music experience and success writing music for Cable and Nationally Syndicated T.V. Shows as well as preforming live and sharing the same stage with Morbid Angel, Crowbar, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Pro Pain, Over Kill, Fear Factory, and Iron Maiden. Members have also had their music played as bumper music on the Howard Stern Show. Their Debut Album "WAR ON DEAD" was released February 24, 2017. WAR ON DEAD is a 11 song / 14 total pieces of music zombie themed album debut by the new metal band EYES OF THE LIVING. Downloads and CD orders are available at EyesoftheLiving.com The Album War on Dead will also be available anywhere music downloads are available. War on Dead is the brain child of life long musician friends Tim Swisher and Chris Moore. This Horror themed album is based on the pending Zombie Apocalypse and the fight for survival between man and himself, when he becomes infected with the disease ravaging his world.   More info at : EyesoftheLiving.com

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