The Itch
The Itch started as most bands after way too many beers. When Magnus and Lukas were in the state of happiness often described as intoxication they realised that the only way to be any happier was to play some rock'n'roll together. Magnus who was the initiator instantly formed the band in his head and then explained to the party sitting at his table what they had just been part of. Lukas had no choice but to see where this would lead. Thomas Helgesson and Conny Andersson from Svarte Pan (Now in Babian) joined in as well. The first jam went well but the band soon realised that Conny was way too busy with his other bands so they continued without him. To make a long story short... the band now sounds like the guys felt on that magic night when intoxication filled the hearts and souls of the rockers... Dig it my friends... Dig it!

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